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Family/Couples Style Guide

I can't wait to tell your story!  My biggest goal is to capture your love, the details of your little ones, the laughter and the simple quite moments in-between.  I strive to make sure your are comfortable in front of my camera so we can create the best images-I feel through the use of styling, communication and getting to know each other we are able to create magic. The majority of your session all I ask of you is to embrace one another, have fun and stay connected…with touch, locking eyes, with smiles and kisses! Love on each other like you would if you were at home snuggled on your couch!  Don’t stress if your kids aren’t doing what you think they should be doing. Kids feed off of our energy, so enjoy the moment, whether it comes with tears or smiles…there is true beauty in the normal! 

During our time together I will gently guide you through your session to get the best interactions but I will also completely step back and let your story naturally unfold.  Your images will show the tender connection, the playful giggles, and the fire that burns inside.  PLEASE JUST COME TO HAVE FUN! This is not meant to be a stressful experience…rather a beautiful one.

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Wardrobe adds such a valuable component to the way you will view your images. The colors will breathe life into the image, whether it be warm and colorful, or calm and peaceful.. The textures, layers, patterns, and accessories…it is all such an important element and I want to help you pull all these pieces together! The biggest suggestion I offer is to be comfortable in what you have chosen to wear to your session. Ensure you are able to sit, kneel and move around comfortably in what you are wearing. For the ladies a maxi dress or kimono offers great movement and texture for fun images during your session, add in some jewelry or a flat brimmed hat for added layering and visual interest. Dad and children's outfits should be chosen based around the look of mom's outfit to make styling easier. Don't forget about shoes! They should match the over all look as well, but make sure you are still able to hike around and be adventurous.  When it comes to studio sessions I generally have children and families barefoot to keep it simple and natural.   For further ease I offer a client closet with dresses for ladies and toddler clothing. My closet is always growing and I welcome you to make an appointment before your session to come try on anything or I would be happy to send you outfit suggestions if you wish. 

When starting to pick outfits start with a color pallet you want to work with and start with moms outfit then work to find the rest of the families outfits. Whether you are doing a family, newborn or couples session-the goal is the same when it comes to choosing wardrobes.  A simple place to look to start getting inspiration is Pinterest! Look up mood boards to get a color pallet to work with while choosing colors for your session.  Some of most stunning colors for your images include neutrals (ivory & tan) Earth tones (olive, emerald, maroon, mustard, burnt orange).

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client closet

Embrace the messiness of life. There is beauty hidden in it's layers.

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36 Colors Palettes Organized by Mood — Jordan Prindle Designs _ Creative Brand and Squares
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