Senior Session Guide have put the work in and you are on the home stretch! This moment in your life is one to celebrate and capture.  Every Senior Session I offer is tailored to fit your vision and personality-this is your day.  Upon booking a questionnaire is emailed to you to help with planning for your session along with an online styling link.

Session Tips

1. Be on time. When you arrive late to your session, you end up losing out on time in front of the camera. If you will be traveling from out of town, give yourself some extra time for traffic or if you happen to get lost.


2. Incorporate your own style. These are photos you’re going to want to look back on so make them your own by being true to you. Read through my wardrobe tips before choosing an outfit but make sure that your overall look is uniquely you.


3. Add a few props. Your photos should tell a story so if you play sports or have a hobby that’s important to you, bring in a few props that we can incorporate into your photos. Dogs welcome as well.


4. Relax and enjoy. I'm here to help you look and feel great.  During the editing process skin will be touched up as much or as little as you want.  All images are hand edited by myself

wisconsin senior photographer


If you love the outdoors, we will take advantage of the golden hour when the light is soft and warm. There are countless possibilities once you step outside. Choose from a beautiful garden, an open field filled with wild flowers or sit under the shade of the green trees.  Sessions start 1-2 hours before sunset.


If you prefer a more urban feel-let's take it downtown! Not only will you be able to take advantage of the natural light but you’ll have many interesting backdrops to choose from. Downtown Appleton or Green Bay is always a fun location.


Bring a friend and some of your favorite songs if you want-lets get some fun laughter going!

Hair & Make-up

Many of my clients often ask me whether it’s necessary to use a professional hair stylist and makeup artist and I highly recommend it.


When you use a professional to help you with your hair and makeup, you’ll not only benefit from their skills and experience but their professional products too. A professional will also know what works best with your face shape and complexion.


Bonus, doing your own hair and makeup will also be one less thing for you to worry about on the day of the shoot and makes you feel amazing!


If you would still prefer to do your own makeup, we recommend that you apply a heavier layer in order for it to show in the photos but make sure it is blended well.. If possible, avoid makeup that contains SPF because it may give a shine to your skin. With that being said, you can always opt for a translucent powder to help control the shine. Also remember to keep your mascara looking smooth and not clumpy.


-Before you come for your session, put a few outfits together that you can bring along to your shoot. The more varieties you have the better as it gives us more options when selecting backgrounds and putting together looks for your session.


-You will need to change quickly so it helps if your outfits are already organized on hangers when you get to your shoot. Having everything ready to go will also ensure that you get more time in front of the camera.


-Your clothing should flatter your body type so you are comfortable and feel confident in what you are wearing. For example, don’t wear a tank top if you’re self-conscious of your arms.


-Earthy and neutral tones are my favorite for photos because they don’t take away from you or the background.  Bright or neon colors are distracting and can take away from the overall aesthetic of photo and can also reflect onto your skin.  Pinterest has tons of ideas if you type in earthy tone outfits or color palettes.


-Add layers, this can be adding a jean jacket or cardigan, a cute boho hat, belts to compliment your dress and so on.


-Glasses-I can reduce and sometimes eliminate glass glare. If you have tinted or thick lenses, it can affect the way your eyes look in the camera. In such a case, most optometrists are willing to loan eyeglasses without the glass for your portrait session, or some sets of glasses are easy to pop out the lenses.


For the ladies

-Don’t shy away from flowing skirts and heels, they make for great photos but there are a multitude of clothing and shoe combinations that work really well too. It’s all dependent on what you feel comfortable in.

-Make sure that your nails look neat for your session and avoid any bright or distracting styles and colors.

-Jewelry and accessories can really help tie an outfit together!

-Make sure that your undergarments won’t show through your outfits and that you have a strapless bra available if necessary.

-Bring some extra powder for makeup touch ups

-Tanning-Be cautious when tanning prior to your session! You may have a noticeable red or orange tone in your portraits if you are sunburnt or have a heavy tan. 


For the guys

-If you have longer hair, it’s important that it stays out of your eyes during the shoot.

-Try staying away from gym shoes and flip flops. Bring a pair of casual and dressier shoes along that you can interchange.

-A cleanly shaven face makes for much better photos.

-Avoid shirts that feature graphics on them and it’s always best to bring along a dark or gray t-shirt to wear under other shirts if necessary.