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Wisconsin Mother's Day Mini Sessions 2020

Whether your a mom looking to document memories with your children, a husband looking for the perfect gift for the mother who gives so much of herself, or a son/daughter looking to spend time with the woman who has guided you through this life-these sessions are sure to pull on some heart strings.

If you haven't heard of mini sessions...lets talk details. These sessions are shorter than a full family session (20 min session), come with 5 digital images that are delivered in a private online gallery, and come at a budget friendly price-which make these sessions perfect for gift giving and updating your walls on a regular basis.

I am so excited for these sessions, I want to get as many mothers in front of the camera as possible! Why? because one day we won't be in our children's lives anymore...we don't know when that will be, but one day photos and memories will be the only things left to provide proof of the life we lived. If you are worried about how you look in front of the camera-don't be. When I look back at pictures of my mother I don't see any imperfections...I see her comforting smile, her hands that I held, her green eyes. After all we are amazing-we made our children, we provide a feeling of comfort in this uncertain life, and are the glue to our family bond.

March 14 th & 21 st 2020

April 8 th & 25 th 2020 ONLY

Book Now at...

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